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Top 5 Korean Beauty Trends of 2018

Top 5 Korean Beauty Trends of 2018

And you thought Blackpink and romance dramas were the most wonderful phenomenon to come out of Korea! For most Korean men and women, skincare isn’t a luxury but an ingrained part of their life – hence their flawless and glowing skin. The country saw an incredible rise in makeup exports worth $4.18 billion in 2016, compared to $451.15 million in 2009. Korean beauty trends continue to increase in 2018.

As 2019 begins, here are the most popular Korean beauty products we enjoyed the past year.

1) Sheet Masks 2.0

K-beauty begins and ends with moisturization, thus overnight sheet masks have become bestsellers in all beauty stores. We saw a lot of innovation and unique ingredients in these masks. For example, there is the foil mask- yes the foil we wrap food in! Aluminum foil is used instead of fiber to prevent the ingredient from evaporating. We also loved the fun fruit slice masks with cutout slices of cucumber, strawberry, kiwi, among other fruits and flowers like rose petals.

Korean Sheet Mask

2) Peel off Makeup

Videos of a layer of makeup being peeled off are a huge hit on Instagram! They aren’t just for fun though, the peel-offs are products for eyebrow tinting, lip color, eyeshadow, and even foundation.

3) Cloudless skin

Every year Korea changes the expectations from their skin and we’ve seen it in forms such as glass skin, mochi skin, honey skin and this year we witnessed ‘cloudless skin’! This means that the ideal skin vibrant, almost transparent and free of imperfections- baby-like almost! This skin cannot be achieved with one product but through a routine of healthy living habits. This includes the 10-steps of skin care including cleansing, toning, moisturizer, priming, healthy eating, getting enough sleep and minimizing stress levels.


4) Face Routine for the Scalp

We’ve heard of the ten-step facial care routine and now adding on to it is the 5-step scalp care routine. This routine includes:

  • Exfoliating the scalp with a dry brush using a boar bristle brush to increase blood flow
  • Cleansing from the tip to the scalp accompanied with a massage
  • Applying an apple cider vinegar rinse to the length of the hair for extra shiny and healthy locks.
  • Hydrating with a conditioner
  • Re-moisturizing the strands with a second conditioner
  • Using sheet masks once a week to restore damaged, stressed, and dry hair

5) Unusual Ingredients

This year, we saw unusual ingredients being used in skincare – such as diamond powder to illuminate the skin to make it appear healthier and more radiant.


Egg whites are great for nutrition and for the skin too, as the components of protein and collagen can help rebuild skin tissue. This ingredient is used in sheet masks and serums to fight aging.

Volcanic ash is the new clay due to its antibacterial properties, which remove oil, dirt and debris from the skin. This ingredient is added to face washes, packs, and scrubs.

Which of these Korean beauty and skincare trends did you enjoy in 2018? Let us know!

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