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How to Design and Share Custom Seasonal Stickers on WhatsApp

How to Design and Share Custom Seasonal Stickers on WhatsApp

Chinese New Year is fast-approaching, and before you know it Ramadhan, Diwali, and Christmas will creep right up on us. Now, with custom stickers you can send your greetings straight from WhatsApp! Each of these holidays offer you the opportunity to express your best wishes to relatives and friends, so why not create some special stickers?

How does this work? There’s no doubt that technology brings people closer than before and connects them through very intriguing ways. So, with the right images and the steps in this guide, you can design your own seasonal stickers and reach out to your loved ones on your WhatsApp contact list! Let’s show you how.

WhatsApp Stickers

Very recently, WhatsApp added a new feature – the new Stickers feature which includes the following:

Now, these don’t exactly fit the holiday seasons. So, for originality, you can create your custom stickers. This works on mostly Android smartphones (for now), as the Apple app store no longer has the sticker-creating apps.

Step 1: Download Your Preferred Image

Since designing your stickers is about being original, you need to either use your own images, or find and download the best images online that would fit your message. You can also use websites such as, Pexels, and

Remember to download more than one image so that you can create a series of stickers and finally make your pick.

Step 2: Download and Install “Sticker Maker for WhatsApp”

The “Sticker Maker for WhatsApp” app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. After installing it, click “Create a new sticker pack.” Add your preferred name for the sticker pack and author for identification. You could try “Chinese New Year Stickers by Sherry.” Normally, this limits the access of other WhatsApp users to your customized sticker pack.

Step 3: Create your own customized WhatsApp stickers

Click on the new list and you can now add new photos from your gallery. You’ll notice an empty sticker tray on a page where you should include the icon for your sticker pack.

Now, to add your personalized stickers, go on to the next tray. Confirm whether you want to take a new photo. If not, you can import the already downloaded and edited holiday images in your gallery.

Your picture then appears on an image editor which allows you to fit the image into a sticker using only your fingertip. By cutting with your finger, you can crop out areas of the photo which you don’t want included in the new sticker.

When you’ve completed cropping, save the photo and repeat this process for many other images you intend to add to the sticker pack. Note that you can add a minimum of three and a maximum of thirty stickers to a single pack.

Click “Publish Sticker Pack” when you’ve added all the stickers you want. Add the customized holiday stickers to your WhatsApp app by selecting “Accept” and get ready to share them with your contacts.

Step 4: Share Your Custom Holiday Stickers

Now that you’ve successfully created your seasonal holiday stickers, share them with your loved ones! All you have to do is select the contacts that you plan to reach out to, repeat the second part of step 3 (open a new window and choose your custom sticker) and hit SEND!!!

Final Thoughts

In brief, this article has taught you how to design and share custom seasonal stickers on WhatsApp. Feel free to download holiday-themed images or simply dress up as Santa and take a picture of your look.

Did you find this post helpful? Share your thoughts! Let’s hear from you.

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